Own your files, forever!

Your Files. Your Cloud. Hacker-Proof and 100% Compliant.

The next generation of file sharing

  • Regulatory compliance

    Your files live in your cloud and never leave it, even when you share them with a third party. This lets you be in compliance with all applicable regulations about sharing sensitive data across borders and organizations.

  • Ledger of use

    Kolumno tracks file shares and views using an immutable blockchain ledger, so you can always see who has been granted access and viewed a file

  • Get your files back at any time

    Your files are yours forever with Kolumno. You can revoke access even after you’ve shared a file and the file is yours.

  • Safe from ransomware

Unique P2P technology with multiple redundancies makes Kolumno completely immune to ransomware

Take your files back at any time - even after sharing.

Ransomware proof your files.

Automatically comply with all applicable regulations (GDPR, CPRA).

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In practice, how does Kolumno work?

You have a file you want to share with someone else.

Your file will be split up into many small chunks.

To secure sharing, the chunks will travel separately.

Before being able to use the file, chunks need to be reassembled.

The recipient will interact with the file. All those interactions will be written as immutable records to the blockchain.

The recipient is done working with your file, it's now ready to go back home.